Engineering Services

About the Division

The Engineering Services Division of Public Works performs in-house civil engineering design for City projects, reviews the site civil design of proposed development within the City, provides inspection services, and maintains the City Engineering Standards Manual. In addition, Engineering Services provides project management for a variety of City projects.

Engineering Standards Manual

The Engineering Standards Manual (ESM) is the City's specifications for use by contractors and design professionals who wish to perform work within the City of Oviedo limits. Access the Engineering Standards Manual (PDF) and standard details (PDF). This manual is meant to provide minimum standards for the design and construction of facilities which meet the following conditions:

  • Public and private facilities to be constructed within the City's corporate limits
  • Facilities to be dedicated to the City for ownership  
  • Facilities to become future additions to the City's utilities and transportation systems.

Please note that Modifications of these details by non-City of Oviedo personnel, other than filling in required blank information specific to the project, will result in withdrawal of the Development Service approval of the subject plans.

Organization Structure

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