Pavement Management

Pavement Management Plan

The City's Public Works Department currently manages approximately 240 lane miles of public maintained paved roadways. A pavement Management Plan is needed to provide the City with information to determine existing and future paved roadway conditions.

The decisions regarding roadway capital improvements, such as road resurfacing, have been driven by the Pavement Management Plan adopted eight years ago. Most Pavement Management Plans have a "shelf life" of approximately five years, as conditions change due to development, increased traffic and changing traffic patterns.

Updating the Plan

The City Council authorized a work order on July 18, 2016 for Dynatest North America, Inc. to prepare a new Pavement Management Plan for the City.  

An updated plan will go a long way in assisting staff with planning future Capital Improvement projects, fiscal year budgeting, predicting financial needs, and identifying and prioritizing pavement rehabilitation projects. The new Pavement Management Plan is expected to be completed in the October 2017.