Group Swim Lessons

A girl swimming under water.The City of Oviedo is an official provider of American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim lessons. Group lessons are offered March to October, for participants from 6 months to adults.

For our Spring (March to May) and Fall (August to October) sessions, there will be 6 classes, with 5 classes guaranteed. Summer (June and July) sessions will be 8 classes, with 6 classes guaranteed in a 2 week span. The format is as follows:

  • Spring and Fall: Twice a week for three weeks.
  • Summer: Monday thru Thursday for two weeks, broken into mornings and evenings. Two sessions per month. All group lessons and registrations are held at Riverside Pool.


  • Spring and Fall:
    • Residents $55
    • Non-Resident members $70
    • Non-Residents $80
  • Summer:
    • Residents $70
    • Non-Resident members $85
    • Non-Residents $95


Registration is now available online; however, if this is your first time with us, please register in person at Riverside Park.

Unless your swimmer has taken lessons with us since March 2017, they must get tested by one of our instructors prior to registration. The swim test is only required if you are registering for a level higher than Water Tots 1 or Level 1. You do not need a swim test for Bubble Babies, Water Tots 1, Level 1, or Adult.

Swim Test Instructions

To get a swim test - simply go to either of our pools (when they are open) and let the lifeguard know you need a swim test for swim lessons. This process takes about 5 minutes and does not cost anything. You do not need an appointment. View the current pool hours.

Swim Lesson Schedule

March Session

Registration begins Feb 21st for Oviedo Residents @ 6:00pm

Open Registration Feb 23rd @ 9:00am

Mondays & Wednesdays                       Tuesdays & Thursdays

Classes: March 4-20                               Classes: March 5-21

Water Tot 1            5:00; 5:40                  Water Tot 1   5:40,6:20                                                                                    
Water Tot 2            6:20                            Water Tot 2            5:40

Water Tot 3            5:40                            Water Tot 3            5:00

Level 1                   6:20                            Level 1                  5:00

Level 2                   6:20                            Level 2                  5:00

Level 3                   5:00                            Level 3                  6:20

Level 4                   5:00                            Level 4                  5:40

Pre Cuda               5:40                            Adult                      6:20