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Traffic Signal Confirmation Lights

Traffic Signal Confirmation Light 

Ever wonder what the White or Blue light located

above a traffic signal is used for? 

"Confirmation Lights" are the WHITE or BLUE light located directly above a Traffic Signal and are utilized by Law Enforcement in their respective duties in halting "Red Light Runners". 

The "Confirmation Light" will be visible (lighted) when the Traffic Signal directly below is in the "Red" or "Stop" position.  Subsequently, the "Confirmation Light" will not be visible when the Traffic Signal Light directly below is in the "Yellow" or "Green" position.

This Law Enforcement tool provides the police officers with the ability to see "Red Light Runners" from a distance and from any side of a Traffic Signal Intersection.  Please adhere to Florida Laws and avoid causing a dangerous accident by "running" Red Light Traffic Signals!  These types of collisions often result in very serious injuries! 



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