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Fire Rescue Emergency Management Department

     The City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Department was established in 1946 with a contingent of Volunteer Firefighters and merged into a full time professional department in 1981. The department provides ALS Emergency Patient Transport,Fire Suppression, Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Fire Prevention & Public Education, Training, Emergency Management and many other services, all delivered from 3 Fire Stations strategically located throughout the community. The Department retains an ISO Class 2 Rating affording fire insurance premimum discounts for home and business owners.  The Hometown Fire Rescue Department is actively engaged in the community and is also responsible for emergency disaster management.  Visit our main office located at 1934 CR 419 West behind Fire Station 3 or contact us at 407-971-5611.

Mission Statement

   It is the mission of the City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Emergency Management to save lives and property by being committed to proactive public safety programs and excellence in operational performance. Our mission will be accomplished through the delivery of fire prevention and education, inspections, training, suppression, emergency medical services, and emergency incident management. These programs shall provide the highest levels of customer service in a cost effective manner.

"Serve with Honor, Serve with Respect, Serve with Excellence"

Lars D. White, FIre Chief

Emergency Management Director

Florida Local Government Defined Benefit

Pension Plan Information


The Department of Management Services monitors Florida's local government pension plans for actuarially sound funding under Part VII of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes. An actuarial summary fact sheet is available from the department's website for each local government pension plan that we monitor.


The fact sheets summarize basic information about each plan and compare that information to the average of Florida's other local government pension plans. This comparison helps to provide a frame of reference for the plan's performance relative to other plans. The fact sheet is prepared in accordance with section 112.665(1)(e), Florida Statutes, and includes the following information:

-         The plan's actuarial status
-         The most current actuarial and benefit data
-         The minimum funding requirements as a percentage of pay
-         A five-year history of funded ratios
-         A comparison to the average of other Florida local government pension plans
-         A brief explanation of each element presented to maximize the transparency of the local government plan

NOTE: The provisions of section 112.665(1)(e), Florida Statutes, require that all Florida local government units that sponsor a defined benefit retirement plan(s) and maintain a website must provide a link to the Department of Management Services' website at the following URL: 

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