Management Services

Management Services Department
 The Management Services Department is responsible for coordinating and directing the development of the City’s Annual Operating Budget and the five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  Oversite of Strategic Planning and Communications are managed within this department.

 Management Services primary responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring Revenues and Expenditures on a budget basis 
  • Administration of the City's five - year Capital Improvement Program 
  • Coordination and implementation of the on-going Strategic Plan. 
  • The City participates in the Florida Benchmarking Consortium (FBC), recording and comparing standards as established by Florida city/county performance measurements.    
  • The Communications Program reports to the EOC (emergency operations); maintains the city website; coordinates the interface between SGTV, Brighthouse Networks and the city. Creates and publishes various informational  news letters, brochures and disseminates information to news media. 
  • Coordinates and provides technical assistance to the City Manager, Elected Officials and City Staff.


Publications of the Management Services Department can be found on the "Budget and Other Publications/Reports" pages of the City's website.  To go to the publications page, click here


The Management Services Director is Robin R Hayes.  Ms. Hayes can be reached at 407-971-5508 or by email at

For inquires on communication issues contact: Gail A Bigelow at 407-971-5507 or by email at:

Management Services Department location: Second Floor of City Hall, 400 Alexandria Blvd.