Hurricane Ian Repair Projects

The City of Oviedo continues to work with FEMA in reference to several projects in need of repair due to Hurricane Ian.  The Hurricane made landfall on the west coast of Florida near Fort Myers on September 28 and moved over Central Florida, causing historic flooding across the region.  Although the City of Oviedo suffered little power outages and no lift station issues, Hurricane Ian's approximately 23 inches of rain caused damage to facilities, roads and stormwater ponds.   

In an effort to keep residents informed, below is a list of projects currently under mitigation along with any updates as they become available.  The Public Works and Recreation and Parks Departments continue their ongoing process of repairing and/or replacing the damaged areas/facilities.

The minor damage in areas of buildings and parks has already been repaired.

Please be sure to check back often for updates.

For any questions, please contact Communications Manager Lisa McDonald at 407-971-5509 or email

Project Location
Current information
Alafaya Woods Sidewalks
Trees were uprooted causing sidewalk and curb damage
The work is being scheduled to repair the damage.
Aquatics Center
Pump Shelter cover, support beams damaged, gutter, downspout, conduit pipe damaged and lighting
Staff is in the process of obtaining proposals
Center Lake Park Playground
Damaged canopy, damaged wooden fence enclosing splash pad pump/equipment, damaged fence from a fallen tree, isolated erosion in the park.
Staff is waiting for the proposal to replace the sails of the canopy.  Staff has ordered the new shade sails of the canopy and currently waiting for the materials to be delivered and installed.
The fence enclosing the splash pad and equipment has been replaced and was COMPLETED.
The fence damaged from the fallen tree has been replaced and work was COMPLETED.

Hart Branch Drive
The roadway was overtopped causing approximately 60 feet of road to fail
Construction of the repair has been. COMPLETED.
Little Creek Outfall/Pond - Running Springs Loop
The outfall system for the pond was overwhelmed and failed, resulting in the pond bank, outfall structure and downstream pipes to washout.
Update: The City is in the process of selecting a contractor to perform the repairs.  Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2024.
McKinnon Avenue/Ditch
The existing roadway was overtopped which caused a failure on the south side of the road and culvert.
Update: Phase 1 of the project is complete.  Phase 2 (Final Project) is currently being designed and permitted.  Construction of Phase 2 is anticipated in Late Spring 2024.
Oviedo Sports Complex
Field #3 flooded outfield, washouts of some fields and common areas.  Minor fence damage. 
The complex is open and running for games.
Riverside Park Building
Extensive flooding in building and amenities.  Damaged floors, carpet, multipurpose room, electronic divider panels, furniture, cabinets, electronic office equipment, copier, walls, pool pumps and heaters, racquetball courts, possible electrical wiring in roof, soffit damage on exterior of building and breezeway, ceiling water leaks and damaged tiles.

Staff is currently in the process of generating a work order for the remediation of the facility.  Upon issuance of a work order, the remediation can begin within 2-3 weeks. The remediation is anticipated to last 4-5 weeks.

The City is in the process of generating a work order for the resurfacing of the tennis courts.  Upon issuance of the work order, resurfacing is anticipated 2-3 months after.

Riverside Park Pool
Pool filled with river water with possible tile/liner staining, erosion on walkways.  Pool equipment damage.

The swimming pool and tennis courts were given approval to begin repairs and is anticipated to begin in the next 30-60 days

The City has contracted out the drainage and inspection of the pool to a contractor.  The drainage has begun.  Staff will be waiting for an assessment prior to the next steps.

Round Lake Park
Basketball Court shade structure damaged with one sail completely torn away. 
Anticipated replacement of the shade will be in June 2023. COMPLETED
Shinnecock Hills Drive
There is an existing rear yard drainage system that was clogged. In addition, there is one yard without a positive flow path to the existing pipe.
The City has COMPLETED the retrofit of the existing drainage system.
Sugarberry Pond
The outfall structure for the pond was overwhelmed and failed resulting in the pond bank and outfall structure to washout
The work has been COMPLETED.
Sweetwater Creek - E Franklin St
Because of the hurricane, there was vegetative debris and fallen trees within the creek. 
Fallen trees and vegetation blocking the creek has been removed.  This project was COMPLETED.
Sweetwater Park - East Magnolia Street
Trees fallen in park and boardwalk
Trees removed and the boardwalk is repaired.  This project was COMPLETED.
Turtle Creek Drive
The existing outfall structure for a wetland routinely is blocked with debris and vegetative debris.

The work has been COMPLETED.
Whispering Woods - S Lake Jessup Ave
Within Whispering Woods there was a storm sewer pipe leak and failure due to the amount of water in the line. In addition, the stormwater pond overtopped, blowing out a portion of the berm and wall.
All work has been COMPLETED.