Adult Blitzball

League Information

  •  All games will be held at Boston Hill Park.
  •  All players in Adult League must be 18 years or older to participate.
  •  All players must sign and be on the team roster in order to play (2 players min., 10 player max.)
  •  All teams are guaranteed 7 games.
  •  Games will be played Saturday mornings (10 AM-3 PM) at Boston Hill Park.
  •  T-Shirts are awarded to League Champions.

Rules Summary

  • Any ball that hits the rectangle strike zone is a strike. (including PVC pipe)
  • 5 balls equals a walk, 3 strikes equal a strikeout, and 2 hit-by-pitches equals a walk.
  • Pitching Distance = 40 ft.
  • No Base-Running! We utilize ghost runners.
  • Total Field Dimensions and Hit Zones:
  • Single: 12-60ft from home plate
  • Double: 60-99ft from home plate  (Must be hit on the fly!)
  • Home Run: 100ft or more!
  • Outs: Outs are obtained by cleanly fielding a ball without it touching the ground or fielding a groundball. If a ball lands in the “double zone,” the opposing team can try and throw the ball to the strike zone from where the ball is picked up for an out.

Leagues Offered

Saturday spring 2024 League

  • At least 2 players on defense (includes pitcher)
  • Zone-determined hitting 
  • Ghost runner utilization
  • Outs determined by cleanly fielded balls/throws to the strike zone
  • Pitching Distance: 40 ft

REGISTRATION:  October 23rd - April 4th (or until full)

Season Starts: April 6th

Cost: $50 per team

Mandatory Captains Meeting: Week of March 31st

For More Information Contact Oviedo Gym and Aquatic Facility:  407-971-5565 



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*All information, dates, times, and prices are subject to change based on weather, field conditions and other factors.

*Refund requests made within 48 hours, will be given a full refund. Refund requests made after 48 hours, will be charged a 25% administrative fee, not to exceed $50. Once the league begins, there are no refunds.