Police Building Referendum

At its August 29, 2016, meeting, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1640 calling for a referendum election to be held on November 8, 2016, for the purposes of proposing to the City’s electorate the financing of all or portion of public safety improvements through the issuance of general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $11,400,000 payable from the levy of ad valorem taxes to provide for the construction of a modern police station complex and related infrastructure and the renovation of the existing public safety complex. The referendum question was approved by the electorate by a vote of 57% for and 43% against.

The project that was the subject of Ordinance No. 1640 was generally known as the “21st Century Oviedo Hometown and Homeplace Security Project”. The project included the construction of a new 20,000-square-foot police station, renovation of the existing public safety building for a different use, and construction of associated infrastructure.

A space needs analysis was conducted in 2017 as the first phase of the design process for the new police station. The analysis projected a City population of 50,000 by the year 2038 and concluded that the City would need 41,383 square feet to accommodate the projected 85 sworn officers and 105 total Police Department personnel needed to serve the projected population. The cost to construct the recommended square footage exceeded the approved $11,400,000 that had been approved by the referendum election. Therefore, the bonds for the $11,400,000 were not issued since the City could not construct the new police station with the approved funds.

At its April 24, 2023, work session, the City Council directed staff to prepare cost estimates for constructing a new police station for consideration of a referendum question on the November 7, 2023, ballot. The City, using current population projections, forecasted the future needs of the Oviedo Police Department, determining that a 47,000-square-foot building would be required and the estimated price of the new Police Station would be $46,900,000. The City will need an additional $35,500,000 over the approved $11,400,000 to construct the new police station and related infrastructure (Oviedo Public Safety Building Project) for a total estimated cost of $46,900,000.

On July 17, 2023, the Oviedo City Council approved Ordinance 1735, calling for a referendum election to issue bonds not exceeding $35,500,000, in addition to the $11,400,000 approved in 2016. 

Projected Millage Rate Schedule

The question appearing on the November 7, 2023 ballot will be: 

Oviedo Public Safety Building Project; General Obligation Bonds. The Oviedo Public Safety Building project requires an estimated $46,900,000 to construct. Voters approved $11,400,000 for the project in 2016. Shall the City issue additional bonds not exceeding $35,500,000 bearing interest not exceeding maximum legal rates pledging the City’s full faith and credit for up to thirty years from date of issuance, payable from ad valorem taxes on all City taxable property, without limitation as to rate or amount, as provided in Ordinance No. 1735?

Yes - For Bonds [ ]

No - Against Bonds [ ]


Use the link above to request a tour of the Police Department.  All information is required to be filled out.  Once filled out, you will be contacted to schedule a day/time to tour.

Information from the September 21, 2023 Public Forum

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THIS information IS INTENDED FOR RESIDENTS TO ESTIMATE THEIR POTENTIAL TAX INCREASE TO FUND construction of a NEW POLICE STATION. These estimations are provided utilizing the best information available to the city. 

Residents Police Department GO Bond tax payment will depend on individual property taxable value and the annual debt service on a GO Bond issuance of $46.9 million, estimated at this time to be $2,907,542 for the first year. At the current valuation, an estimated millage rate of .7801 will be levied on each taxable parcel to generate $2,907,542.

To calculate your estimated annual payment, determine your property's taxable value (i.e., your 2023 assessed value minus any exemptions), divide it by 1,000, and multiply it by .7801.


Open your preferred internet browser and surf to https://www.scpafl.org/. Once there, type in your property's address in the search field. 

Property Appriser Front Page

When the search results are loaded, scroll to the bottom of the page, find the 2023 Tax Estimator link, and click it. 

Showing tax estimate for 2023

If you are not modifying exemptions, adding exemptions, or porting previous Save Our Homes savings, click the Show Estimate tab.


If you are modifying, adding any exemptions, or porting previous Save Our Homes savings, click the Go to Options tab, and enter them to find your property's taxable value.

Utilize the City Oviedo taxable value to estimate your GO Bond payment.

Showing taxable value for GO calculations.


Taxable Value/1,000 x .7801