Brush Fire Safety

Brush Fire Safety Tips

During the dryer months in Florida, brush fires are a very real possibility.  Fires can start for any number of reasons including lightning, unattended campfires, or even a lit cigarette.  We want all of our residents who live near forested areas to be aware of the dangers and be able to protect their property should a wildfire start near homes and/or neighborhoods.

  • If you are building a home, choose fire-resistant building materials.
  • Clear leaves/branches and brush close to your home.  Prune trees and remove plants that contain resins, oils and waxes.
  •  Use stone or gravel instead of mulch.
  • Never store flammable materials under decks or porches and remove dead vegetation from underneath.
  • Ensure your home address is clearly visible to first responders.


Our cooler months provide the perfect weather for an outdoor fire pit and we want everyone to be safe and protect your property. H

Here's the best advice for using your fire pit:

  • Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from the fire
  • Do not use any flammable liquid to start the fire
  • Keep the fire at least 15 fee away from combustible items
  • An adult should always be supervising
  • Extinguish the fire completely using water - pour the water slowly on the burning logs
  • If the fire pit is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave
  • Use the Stop, Drop and Roll technique if your clothing catch fire.  Cover your face

Be aware of any dry brush that may be around.  Please do not burn outside when there is dry weather or there is a burn ban in effect for the city or county.  If you live near a wooded area, an uncontrolled fire in a fire pit or bonfire can quickly spread.  Always clear the area around your fire pit and call 9-1-1 if you believe the fire is getting out of control.


Be safe Oviedo!