AC4P Policing Initiative

About AC4P

AC4P stands for “Actively Caring for People.” This process has been researched, implemented, and proven successful in various settings across our country and the world, from industry to educational and community settings. AC4P Policing brings this process to police officers around the country.

AC4P Policing hopes to bridge the divide between the community and law enforcement. Training officers on how to deliver positive consequences in ways that help to cultivate interpersonal trust and actively-caring behavior among police officers and the citizens they are hired to serve.

A blue wristband.Recognizing Citizens

When an Oviedo Police Officer observes a citizen actively caring for people in the community, the officer will provide the citizen with a uniquely serialized blue AC4P wristband to immediately recognize the citizen for their act of caring within the City of Oviedo. The officer will also document the reason the citizen was recognized and this act of caring will be shared through the Department’s various social media programs.

AC4P Wristbands

The Oviedo Police Department then encourages each AC4P wristband recipient to “pay it forward” and transfer the wristband to another citizen whom a recipient witnesses actively caring for people in the community. To ensure that each original recipient of an AC4P wristband from the Oviedo Police Department does not go without a wristband for their initial act of caring, the Department will provide a free replacement wristband to any recipient who “pays it forward.”

To request a replacement wristband, we ask that you provide us with the details surrounding the act of caring that you recognized another citizen for by clicking the below link.  If the Oviedo Police Department decides to share your story through our social media programs, we will only share your story and we will not release any of the contact information you voluntarily provide to us

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