Senior Safety Programs

Area Senior Programs

The City recognizes that seniors are an important element of our society. Our desire is to provide assistance to our seniors through a variety of programs designed to assist them with health and safety notifications in times of need. Programs in Oviedo include:

  • The S.E.N.I.O.R. Bracelet program is designed to provide first responders immediate access to the participant's important medical information and emergency contacts. The program is open to any citizen of Oviedo, including children.
  • The MedID program issues a magnetic holder for the refrigerator. Information contained in the holder is filled out by the participant. It includes contact information and medical information that may be necessary to emergency personnel. Emergency personnel are trained to look for this bright yellow holder on the refrigerator.
  • Senior Well Being Checks are performed by the police department patrol officers. Citizens who apply for this service through the C.O.P.S. Center are assigned to an officer who checks on them weekly. The officer notes the checks on his shift report.
  • The Lockbox Program assists first responders with a way to access a citizen's home in times of emergency. The lockbox is installed by the police department and only they have the combination to access it. The access code is available to the first responder 24/7 through the police department.

More Program Information

To find out more about these programs, please call Betty Kelly at the Oviedo Police Department. Ms. Kelly can be reached at 407-971-5703, by email, or by calling the non-emergency police phone number at 407-971-5700. Additionally, several of these programs can be accessed through our COPS center located inside the Oviedo Mall, just outside of the Dillards department store.