Community Based Juvenile Programs

This is a list of the current and projected programs the Oviedo Police Department offers to the community. The programs are free to Oviedo's citizens and our goal is to partner with various community entities to provide for the future of our youth.

Oviedo Police Summer Camp

This program is currently provided to juveniles that are selected by the schools to participate. The department hosts two camps during the summer for a total of approximately 20 children.

Fishing with a Cop

Fishing with a cop is a way for children and families within the community to get a chance to meet their local police officers through one of the most popular recreational activities in Florida, fishing! The fishing poles and tackle will be limited so it will be based on a first come first fish bases.

If you have your own fishing pole and tackle you are highly encouraged to bring it. Participants will come up to the Oviedo PD tent and register for their proper age group for the competitions. Participants under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license. This event is open to all Oviedo Residents to attend.

Shop with a Cop

The purpose of Shop with a Cop is to foster positive relationships between youth and officers. Youth are selected each year during the end-of-the-year holiday season to shop at one of the local area stores to purchase gifts for members of their immediate family. Each child is given a small amount of money to spend, depending on the size of the child's immediate family.

Approximately 1 to 2 children are assigned to each personnel, who escort them around the store and assist with gift selection for each family member. After shopping the children eat lunch, wrap gifts and continue to know the police officers.

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