School Resource Officers

Oviedo High SchoolThe purpose of the Oviedo Police Department School Resource Officer Program (SRO) is to provide assistance for the students, teachers and staff in any areas that relate to law enforcement, by a visible, active police presence on campus.

Duties & Responsibilities

Unit personnel educate students, parents and school staff with regards to the law and law enforcement processes, assisting individual students with alternative solutions to personal and law related problems and providing drug abuse and gang avoidance counseling to youth. Additional duties performed by the SROs include protecting personnel and property on school campuses, providing classroom instruction, investigating crimes which occur on school grounds and to enforce laws.

The School Resource Officer serves as liaison, between the Police Department, the County Board of Education and the schools providing an information link regarding problems, possible solutions and/or ways to work more effectively together. The Police Department currently has 7 school resource officers assigned to the various schools within the city.