Public Works



Beginning June 8, 2021 and ending June 28, 2021

The City of Oviedo will be performing a maintenance chlorine flush of the City's Drinking Water Distribution System.   During this period, the City's Drinking Water Distribution System will use a "free" chlorine residual in the water instead of the usual "chloramines" disinfectant.  As part of the maintenance flush you may notice increased system flushing activity.

Some residents may notice a slight chlorine taste and/or chlorine odor in the water.  Fish owners and individuals on kidney dialysis need to take necessary precautions during the chlorine flush of the system.

If you have questions, please call the Public Works Department, Utilities Division, between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM at 407-971-5692.  For after hours, nights and weekends, please call 407-971-5675.

Thank you for your cooperation during this chlorine flushing period.

Public parking lot on the corner of N division Street and e franklin street  

The eastern entrance and eastern section of the public parking lot located on the corner of N Division Street and E Franklin Street will close beginning Monday, February 22nd at 9:00 AM until further notice.  The western entrance and western section of the parking lot will remain open for public access.


The Public Works Department is responsible for developing, providing, and maintaining essential infrastructure throughout the City of Oviedo. The Department is divided into three Divisions: Engineering, Operations, and Utilities. The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction administration of all Capital Improvement Projects. The Operations Division is responsible for the construction and maintenance of City roadways, sidewalks, and stormwater facilities, as well as provides fleet services for all City vehicles. The Utilities Division is responsible for all plant operations and distribution systems that provide quality potable water, reclaimed water, and sanitary sewer service to the City.  


For inquiries or concerns regarding sidewalks, streets, standing water, or tree trimming, please call 407-971-5668 or email.

For inquiries or concerns regarding road construction, water leaks, water meters, or general utility questions, please call 407-971-5681 or email.

emergencies - after 3:30 PM, nights, and weekends

Operations: 407-722-4706 (trees, streets, sidewalks, stormwater)

Utilities: 407-256-5026 (potable water, sewer)