ISO Insurance Rating

Oviedo Fire Department Class 2 Rating

The City of Oviedo Fire Department is proud to provide an outstanding ISO Class 2 Rating, thereby providing fire and casualty insurance premium savings for our citizens and business owners. The Insurance Service Office (ISO) is the leading source of information concerning fire and casualty fire risk and provides Fire Department ratings based on their ability to deliver fire service protection. 

Fire Departments are evaluated on categories including fire alarm and communication systems, fire apparatus and equipment, pump testing, training, number of firefighters on duty, emergency response and station locations, pre-emergency planning, fire hydrant testing, and the water distribution system and capacity. Did you know that our Fire Stations have been strategically located in order to provide the best response times and achieve the best ISO station location grade? Did you also know that every building in Oviedo is no further than 450 feet from a fire hydrant that is inspected twice each year?

The City of Oviedo Fire Department's outstanding Class 2 Rating was achieved from the support of the Oviedo City Council over the years to invest in proper fire protection and a quality water system for the Oviedo Community. The Fire Department has also done its part by purchasing the proper fire apparatus with the correct pump capacity and other equipment needs and assuring compliance with all the other important grading factors such as training and pre-emergency planning.

ISO Mitigation

For more information visit the ISO Mitigation website.