Solary Park

Solary Park will include displays that recount the history and founding of the City of Oviedo. Park patrons can walk the perimeter of the park while learning of Oviedo’s past. Solary Wharf was a primary point where early Oviedo settlers disembarked from steamships on Lake Jesup after traveling on the St. John’s River. 

Construction of Solary Park includes an enhanced stormwater management system allowing development of the historic commercial district. The construction of a communal commercial treatment pond will allow local business owners to utilize capacity to convey and treat the drainage from their properties via the stormwater management system. The project is essential to facilitate and provide incentive for development and redevelopment in the historic downtown area.


Solary Park is located at the corner of Franklin Street and Geneva Drive.


The project is currently under construction and is estimated to be completed in 2021. 

Conceptual design of the Oveido Regional Stormwater Pond, Solary Park.