Fire Hydrant Testing

Purpose of Testing

The City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Department routinely tests the fire hydrants in the Oviedo community. This test is designed to capture static and flow pressure readings to discover any potential fire hydrant performance issues for corrective action. In addition, the fire hydrant inspection includes maintenance including lubrication and painting and removal of vegetation that would obscure the fire hydrant from responding emergency personnel.

The annual fire hydrant test and maintenance is also an important component of the Insurance Service Office grading of fire protection for a community which results in lower fire insurance premiums for your home and business property.

Water Quality After Testing

It should be noted that is common to experience a slight decline in water quality immediately after fire hydrant testing has occurred. This is the result of flowing large quantities of water through the water main which loosens sediment and may become visible in your home when running water through faucets. This problem will occur for a short period of time and may be corrected by running your water for several minutes.