FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

Community Rating System & Flood Warning System

The City of Oviedo is an active participant of the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System. The City's rating allows the premium on some flood insurance policies to be reduced by up to 20%. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. Check with your agent to ensure coverage or request a preferred risk policy.

The City of Oviedo has been a participant since 2008 of the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program which is managed by the Federal Insurance Administration. The City of Oviedo National Flood Insurance Program assigned participant number is 120293. This assignment number may be requested by your insurance carrier when you apply for flood insurance coverage.

Master Storm Water System

The City of Oviedo manages a Master Storm Water System including over 523 retention water ponds, tributaries, streams, lakes as well as the drainage system throughout the Oviedo Community. Year round maintenance results in a successful Master Storm Water System that is effective in moving rainfall quickly during a high rain event. You may however experience localized flooding during heavy rainfall periods, although this normally diminishes shortly after a passing storm. Typical residential flooding occurs as a result of changes made to adjacent properties such as the addition of landscaping, trees, privacy fences, swimming pools, etc., and is not the responsibility of the City of Oviedo.

Please partner with us in maintaining the Master Storm Water System by not placing debris or materials that may damage the system or cause water flow backups such as grass clippings, landscape debris, and never dispose of automotive chemicals, cleaning chemicals, law maintenance chemicals, etc., in the inlets and other parts of the Storm Water System. Please report immediately any of the above issues to 407-971-5668 and attempt to provide exact address, situation, description of violator/vehicle.

Rating for the Oviedo Community

This outstanding rating for the Oviedo community, allows you to apply up to the following maximum flood insurance amount:

Building Maximum Coverage

Coverage Type
Single Family Dwelling
Other Residential $250,000
Non-Residential $500,000
Small Business $500,000

Contents Maximum Coverage

Coverage Type
Residential $100,000
Small Business $500,000

Flood Details

The City strongly recommends all residents to protect their investment regardless if there is a federal requirement to hold flood insurance for those homes within a special flood hazard area. Having an elevation certificate for your property is a valuable tool and allows insurance companies and lenders to appropriately assess the premiums. Remember, a flood insurance policy takes 30 days to procure before a claim can be made, and flood insurance cannot be purchased in the onset of a natural disaster. For homes at a greater risk or built pre-FIRM, there are requirements to floodproof your home if the structure does not meet the City's current building or floodplain management code.

You may also wish to visit the FEMA website and review the content related to flooding, and also review the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map. This information can be found by visiting the National Flood Insurance Program page.

Flood Warning System & Notification

We encourage our residents and business owners to determine if you reside within a specified FEMA Flood Zone or a Flood Prone area. Those properties that fall within a Flood Zone or Flood Prone area are at greater risk of encountering flooding from rising water from daily thunderstorms, tropical storms or any other severe weather event.

The procurement of insurance must be in place prior to a Flood Event and well in advance of the disaster. Your insurance carrier can assist you with securing Flood Insurance coverage. Flood insurance is normally an additional item you must add to your coverage.
The City of Oviedo Emergency Management will also provide reverse 911 phone message alerts for those potential disaster events which will focus on those homes or businesses that re specified within a Flood Zone in accordance with the current FEMA Flood Maps. The property however must have a landline telephone with a published phone number. Non registered or private numbers are not included in the alert method.

Other Alerting Methods Suggested

We strongly recommend that all residents and business owners incorporate other alerting methods for potential Flood Watches or Warnings. These include a "weather alert radio," registering with a local news media website for "email or text message alerting" and monitoring local daily weather from both television and radio media outlets.