Evacuation Routes

Evacuation Routes During an Emergency

The City of Oviedo Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan includes Evacuation Routes that may be utilized in the event of an emergency. These pre-determined Evacuation Routes are designed to move the greatest volume of vehicle traffic in the shortest time frame in keeping with recognized emergency management principals.

Circumstances that may lead to an Evacuation Order include (but not limited to):

  • Any hazards that places significant risk on the population
  • Flooding
  • Gas leak
  • Hazardous materials release
  • Hurricane severe weather event
  • Wild fire

Family Evacuation Plan

Should an Evacuation be declared by local authorities, you will be instructed which Evacuation Route has been selected. The City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Emergency Management encourages you to create a Family Evacuation Plan so you may be prepared in advance to evacuate quickly and have pre-determined where your family may assemble. Included in this plan should be critical needs such as medications, family and business contact information, personal needs and financial needs.

Oviedo Evacuation Routes

Main Evacuation Roads Exiting the Oviedo Community:

  • County Road 419-West
  • County Road 426-Geneva Drive
  • State Road 426-Aloma Avenue
  • State Road 434 (North and South)

Interior Roads Connecting to the Main Evacuation Routes

  • Alafaya Woods Boulevard
  • Lockwood Boulevard
  • Mitchell Hammock Road (East/West)
  • Oviedo Boulevard