Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System

Siren Warning System in OviedoTornado Siren on Tall Pole

The Oviedo City Council has invested in an Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System as part of a comprehensive approach towards mass alerting for tornado severe weather events. Tornadoes are one of the most destructive severe weather events that often result in serious injuries and loss of life and Florida is the second most likely state to experience tornado activity.

The Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System consists of numerous sirens strategically located within the Oviedo community. Each siren emits a 130 dB siren tone which covers approximately a 1 mile outdoor range. 

Additional Alert Systems

Although the siren system is capable of reaching many residents inside homes and businesses, it is not guaranteed to do so. It is extremely important that you incorporate other alerting methods such as:

  • Monitor the weather conditions daily from local media news services (television and radio)
  • NOAA Weather Alert Radio
  • Subscribe to free email and text message alerts from local media news service providers and/or Alert Seminole

Testing of the Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System

The Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System is tested on the 1st Saturday of each month at noon for 1 minute as long as weather conditions are suitable and is primarily designed to exercise the equipment rather than test the sound performance.

When the Tornado Siren is Activated

The Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System is activated for a Tornado Warning issued for Seminole County and directly threatening the Oviedo Community. The siren system will provide a 3 minute alert and will not include an “all clear” siren tone. We encourage you to tune to local media for specific weather information upon hearing the siren system.

The Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director is responsible for management of the Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System. For more information, contact our Administration Emergency Management office at 407-971-5611.

Tornado Warning Safety Tips

  • Upon receiving a Tornado Warning, monitor local news media weather reports and your NOAA weather radio for specific storm information.
  • Seek shelter in the center most area of the home and vacate the second floor of a home specifically sheltered from glass windows and glass doors.
  • For added protection, consider getting under a mattress or blankets to decrease chance of injury from flying objects.
  • Do not go outside until safe to do so. Dangerous hazards may be present outside such as ruptured gas lines, water, and anticipate down power lines that may be energized as well as dangerous debris such as glass, nails, and trees or tree limbs that may fall at any time.
  • Call 911 to report any life threatening conditions or dangers.