Lightning Warning System & Safety Tips

Lightning Capital of the U.S

The City of Oviedo has invested in a Lightning Detection and Warning System for all of our City Recreation and Parks locations. Central Florida is recognized as the "Lightning Capital" of the United States and encounters more lightning per square mile than any other state. Lightning often travels well in advance of a storm and lingers afterwards as well!

Lightning Detection and Warning Systems at our City Recreation and Parks locations are designed to provide you with several minutes of warning should a lightning storm threaten the Oviedo community. The Lightning Detection and Warning System will emit an approximately 15 second "horn" style blast with a blinking strobe light indicating that lightning has been detected in the immediate area.

Seeking Shelter

You are encouraged to seek immediate shelter inside a building or your vehicle for the best level of protection. Trees, canopies, awnings, overhangs, dugouts, pop up shade structures, pavilions do not offer suitable protection.