Severe Weather Alerting

Severe Weather in OviedoFederal Signal Alert Siren

Florida is prone to severe weather including severe thunderstorms, dangerous lightning, hail, tornadoes, localized flooding, tropical storms and hurricanes, and wildfires. You can become better prepared for these severe weather events by receiving early notifications.

The City of Oviedo has invested in an Outdoor Tornado Siren Warning System to provide an “alert of last resort” for tornado severe weather events. This alerting system will only be used for a "Tornado Warning" issued for Seminole County and directly impacting the Oviedo Community!

Alerting Methods

We strongly encourage you to subscribe to other alerting methods:

  • Email and text message alerts from local television or radio media
  • Email and text messages from the Prepare Seminole website
  • NOAA weather alert radio for the home and business

No single severe weather alerting system is considered the only approach to effective alerting and the more methods of receiving a severe weather alert the better your chances of surviving a potentially dangerous severe weather event!