Wastewater Collection

The City of Oviedo's Wastewater Collection/Lift Station system includes:

  • 2,356 manholes installed in the gravity sewer system
  • 8 alternative irrigation wells located throughout the city's service area provide irrigation through a separate distribution system
  • Approximately 491,000 linear feet of gravity sewer lines, ranging in diameter from 6" to 12"
  • Approximately 210,300 linear feet of lift station mains, ranging in diameter from 2" to 16"

Lift StationsLift Station System With Building and Fence in Background

There are currently 70 wastewater submersible-type lift stations located throughout the city's service area that range in capacity from 152 to 1,100 GPM. All of the lift stations are duplex stations, with the exception of the master lift station which is a triplex station. The lift stations are controlled utilizing float switches and are monitored by the most current SCADA technology.

The city's wastewater system has approximately eleven square miles of service area, which collects, pre-treats and through its force main transmission system pumps approximately 657 MG of wastewater annually. The wastewater system is comprised of collection and transmission force mains. Treatment of the City's wastewater is provided by the City of Oviedo Water Reclamation Facility and Seminole County via the City of Orlando's Iron Bridge Wastewater Treatment Facility. This is facilitated through bulk service agreements between Seminole County and the City of Oviedo.