Cross Connection Control

Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program

The Oviedo City Council passed Ordinance 996, which created the City's Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program. This action was required by federal and state regulations and is mandatory for all public drinking water systems.

The Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention Division is responsible for the facilitation of this program. The Divisions duties include:

  • Annual testing of over 2,000 residential back flow preventers
  • Changing out over 2,000 dual checks annually
  • Monitoring the testing of over 1,500 commercial backflow preventers annually
  • Performing inspections of new water service for cross connection compliance
  • Surveys and inspections of over 4,000 water service connections annually

The Cross Connection Control Division, working in conjunction with the Water Distribution and Water Production Divisions, takes appropriate measures on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the drinking water that is supplied through the water distribution system. This means that our customers can be assured that each and every time they turn on the faucet, the water they are drinking is safe.


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