BritE Star Twirlers of Central Florida

What is Baton Twirling? Baton Twirling is a sport that incorporates dance, gymnastics, and rhythmic to spin, flip, and twirl under one or multiple batons. You can find twirlers in your local high schools and even colleges. Students will learn skill, grace, flexibility, and balance in a class that encourages the importance of teamwork and healthy living. Classes are made up of lessons and choreography utilizing baton twirling, pom-poms, and ribbon.

Who:  Ages 5+, no experience necessary.

Where:  Riverside Park, 600 Lockwood Boulevard, Oviedo, FL.

When:  TBD

Time:  5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Registration can be completed online at

Additional Information

For more information, contact Candice Dowdy at 407-617-9358.