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The City of Oviedo Recreation and Parks Department utilizes the Thor Guard Lightning Prediction and Warning System at all Recreation Facilities, which includes Riverside Pool and the Oviedo Aquatic Facility.

Thor Guard System

The Thor Guard System was designed to evaluate the electrostatic field and compare the energy migration of the positive and negative ions. Thor Guard continuously measures the millivolts of static electricity, both in the air and on the ground, in a 2 mile radius. When the system detects sufficient electricity in the area to predict a lightning strike within an 8 to 20 minute window, the warning system will sound.


The following is the procedure for all Recreational activities during inclement weather:

  • The first horn will sound for 15 seconds. This indicates the Thor Guard System predicts a lightning strike will occur in the 2 mile radius in less than 20 minutes.
  • When the horn sounds, all outdoor activities will cease immediately and all pools, decks, fields and walkways will be cleared. All patrons are asked to seek safety in their cars, as we do not have the space to safely accommodate waiting patrons.
  • While there is still potential for lightning within the 2 mile radius, a strobe light will continually flash.
  • When the Thor Guard determines it is safe to resume activities, the strobe light will turn off and 3, 5 second horn blasts will sound. The pool will reopen when Thor Guard has determined it is safe to resume activities.
  • Until this time, please seek shelter in your car or inside the building. We are unable to allow patrons to wait outside under the over-hang of the building.