Stormwater Impact on Our Community


Please bag fallen leaves or blow them into flowerbeds or around trees to prevent storm drains from becoming clogged, which can cause street flooding.  Remember, intentional dumping or blowing leaves into storm drains violates Oviedo Land Development Code, Sec 22.89 (a).

How can I help keep my community stormwater fees low? - A.C.E.!


Did you know public awareness of how the stormwater systems work is a key component to keeping the storm water fees low in our community! All drains (Inlets) have pipes that lead to either a pond (wet or dry), or ditches. When the drains gather debris such as leaves, grass, trash, or animal waste, the drainage system cannot function as designed. Storm ponds collect the runoff from the pipes, and all the debris is either pushed into the ponds or creates excess sediment changing the depth and volume capacity of the stormwater system. 

Over the life of a typical 30-year mortgage, homes and businesses in high-risk areas have a 26% or greater chance of being flooded - that’s a full two-and-a-half times more likely than having a fire.

**In Florida, there are more flood insurance claims than fire related claims. 

**Florida residents and businesses hold more than 40% of all flood insurance policies in the nation.

The City of Oviedo participates in the NFIP/CRS (National Flood Insurance Program & Community Rating System). Participation in these programs allows residents to purchase Flood Insurance at a discounted rate. Ask your insurance company for details regarding this discount.

Flood Elevation Information on your property is available from the City of Oviedo by contacting the Stormwater Coordinator, Amanda Kortus, at 407-971-5682.


How many communities have a community clean-up day?  During these effective projects, take notice of the storm water system around you. Your HOA or neighbors can incorporate “adopting a watershed”, checking that inlets are clear of debris, pond perimeters are free of trash, and making note of broken or sub par structures that need rehabilitation. 

Picking up trash from the neighborhood and talking with your neighbors about not blowing grass clippings/leaves down the drains has a cost cutting effect on spending stormwater dollars. Your help allows the City’s maintenance crews to do much more rehabilitative work on aging systems, rather than spending days repairing a problem that could have been easily prevented.  

If you notice structures with broken inlets, please report them to the Public Works Operations Office at 407-971-5668. A work order will be entered to have the structures fixed.


The City of Oviedo encourages its residents to learn more about the stormwater system in their area. The Public Works Department has educational material available for handout at HOA or community meetings. GIS Maps are available, upon request or on the City’s website ( at no charge, enabling you to actually see the path of the Stormwater Conveyance System in your area. 

What can I do to prevent  flash flooding in my area?

After heavy rains during  the months of  July through October, some flash flooding is inevitable here in Florida.

Some properties may back-up to a wetland or wooded area and have berms or drainage culverts. These  are designed to make water flow away from your property. Please be aware of this if you landscape or fence nearby and the potential impact on the original drainage design.  

You may also have a drain/French drain in your yard. Make sure the drain is clear of sand and grass clippings to ensure good flow.

Thank you for supporting our stormwater systems!


Division Telephone Number
Code Enforcement 407-971-5787
Stormwater 407-971-5668
Utilities 407-971-5681