Oviedo Community Redevelopment Agency

About the oviedo community redevelopment agency

The purpose of the Community Redevelopment Plan is to establish the redevelopment priorities for the Oviedo Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The community planning process began in 2003 with the drafting of the Downtown Master Plan, the Strategic Economic Development Plan, the Delegation of Authority Resolution, and the Finding of Necessity (FON). 

The Community Redevelopment Plan will identify programs, projects and improvements, provide an action item schedule and identify resources to address the shared community concerns and objectives articulated in the following plans and reports: 

• Downtown Master Plan, 2003 

• Comprehensive Plan, Amended 2009 

• Strategic Economic Development Plan, 2006 

• Findings of Necessity and Redevelopment Strategies, 2008 

Each of these plans utilized community resources, public workshops and local knowledge to identify specific issues, challenges, objectives and tasks to improve distinct areas of Oviedo. They also encompass complementary objectives for the downtown area. The Community Redevelopment Plan will build upon the previous plans and reports and the input from community groups and public workshops to introduce new strategies, programs, and specific prioritized actions and tasks to implement the community’s shared development goals.

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