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Visit Seminole County online at to view all the latest COVID-19 information

At, you'll find: 

  • County-sponsored vaccine availability (varies by date, time, and location throughout Seminole County)
  • Links to other vaccine availability (such as pharmacies, retailers, and other entities offering the vaccine)
  • COVID-19 testing information
  • and more

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The City of Oviedo reminds customers that only toilet paper should be flushed; sewer systems are designed to take away wastewater from sinks and baths and take away toilet paper and human waste flushed down the toilet. Items such as disposable wipes, paper towels, tissues, disposable diapers, feminine products, cotton balls, bandages, prescriptions, cleaning wipes, or trash of any kind can create blockages in sewers or damage to the environment by putting it down the toilet.

Despite being advertised as “flushable,” disposable wipes are not meant to be disposed of in a toilet.