Ordinance No. 1583 Pet Waste

The City’s commitment to reduce harmful pollutants entering our lakes and rivers is successful by a multi-functional approach. Pet owner responsibility is an important factor. Dog feces left on city right-of-ways can enter the storm systems by natural breakdown and rain resulting in e-coli and high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous contamination to our recreational waterways. Leaving pet waste is not only a health hazard and a contaminant, it is unlawful and is subject to fines that can be progressive.

  • All dog owners are asked to be respectful and abide by County and City laws. 
  • Dogs should be under control at all times on a leash and not allowed onto private property. 
  • All pet waste should be picked up and disposed into a refuse container or flushed down the toilet. 
  • If you see pet waste not being picked up, please follow the guidelines within the relevant ordinance and submit the complaint to either:

       Seminole County Animal Services 

       City of Oviedo 
       Code Enforcement Division

For more information regarding the prevention of storm water pollution, please contact the City’s Stormwater Coordinator at 407-971-5682.