Lockwood Blvd Force Main Project

In 2010, the City of Oviedo purchased the service area and its wastewater infrastructure from Utilities, Inc.  Since the City began maintaining the purchased infrastructure multiple failures in the 16-inch wastewater force main along Lockwood Boulevard have occurred.

A recently completed Preliminary Design Report recommended replacement of the force main.  The recommended infrastructure improvement consists of installing approximately 3,000 linear feet of force main parallel to the existing force main along Lockwood Boulevard, from Lift Station 50 to the point of tie-in (approximately 400 feet north of the intersection of Lockwood Boulevard and Long Branch Lane).

The force main will be replaced with pipe materials which meet current utility and industry standards and address potential air entrapment in the force main.  This will improve the operating conditions of Lift Station 50, while minimizing the risk of failure in the force main.


The project is currently in design.

Map showing the Lockwood Blvd Force Main Project's location.