Boston Hill Park Pedestrian Crossing

The project will consist of a mid-block pedestrian crossing, located at SR 434 and Boardwalk Avenue. The mid-block crossing will enable pedestrians to safely cross in the middle of the block rather than traveling to an intersection or crossing at an unpredictable mid-block location. 

The pedestrian crossing will be consistent with FDOT design standards and specifications and will include striping, signage, sidewalk, and handicap ramp.

In addition, post-mounted rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFB) will be installed alerting motorists of a pedestrian desiring to cross. RRFB’s are a form of flashing beacon that uses rectangular-shaped high intensity LED-based indications to supplement standard pedestrian crossing signs.  


The project design is complete and construction is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 20/21.

Boston Hill Pedestrian Crossing