Fertilize Responsibly

Save our ponds Public Information

How we maintain our yards and community areas have a direct impact on our natural lakes and rivers.

River bank showing stream flowing into Econ river showing importance to fertilize responsibly
    Apply only slow-release nitrogen and phosphorous free fertilizer products.

    It is prohibited and unlawful for fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus to be applied to turf or landscape plants from June 1 through September 30 of each year per Ordinance No. 1657.

    Excess fertilizer causes algae blooms in ponds, lakes and rivers. Excessive algae can cause oxygen depletion to healthy vegetation and aquatic species.

    Do not overwater grass. If you have reclaimed water, the water already contains elements of nitrogen and phosphorous, saving you money on fertilizers. Click here to learn about mandatory watering restrictions.

    When cutting the grass, leave grass clippings in place. This helps keep moisture in and provides natural nutrients.

    Never blow yard clippings into the street. Rain will wash clippings into the storm system and finally to our waterways creating harmful algae blooms.

Thank you for helping preserve our waterways!

The City of Oviedo partners with Seminole County and the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program. For educational programs and environmental opportunities, please visit serv@seminolecountyfl.gov.