City of Oviedo Aluminum/Metal Structures Permit Application Guidelines

All permit applications must be complete prior to acceptance. A complete application shall include the following:

□ Building Permit Application completed, signed and notarized. Application must include correct address and complete parcel I.D. number.

□ Copy of applicable contractor’s license issued by the State of Florida.(If contractor is the applicant)

□ A site specific notarized power of attorney shall be required from the licensed contractor if

he/she appoints an employee of his/her company to sign the permit application as the contractor. .(If contractor is obtaining the permit)

□ Certificate of insurance indicating General Liability insurance coverage and naming the City of Oviedo as certificate holder. (If contractor is the applicant)

□ Certificate of insurance indicating worker’s compensation insurance coverage and naming the City of Oviedo as certificate holder, or a copy of a worker’s compensation exemption issued by the State of Florida (must be submitted with each application if contractor is the applicant).

□ Completed and Signed Owner Builder Statement / Affidavit (if the owner is the applicant).

□ Two (2) site plans indicating proposed location.

□ Two (2) copies of the signed and sealed engineered drawings. Wind design data required on drawings per FBC 1603.1.4 to meet 129 mph ultimate design wind speed for risk category I buildings OR Two (2) copies of previously mastered filed plans. Indicate all details and options that apply.

□ Two (2) copies of a site specific layout for the structure with minimum 1/8” per foot scale. Include all framing sizes and types. Include any electrical devices to be added.

These guidelines were compiled to assist the applicant in preparing an aluminum/metal structure permit application and may not be complete. The applicant is required to meet all City of Oviedo, state, and federal code requirements.

January 2021