City of Oviedo Aluminum or Canvas Roofed Carport with Aluminum Framed Structures Permit Guidelines

All permit applications must be complete prior to acceptance. A complete application shall include the following:

□ Building Permit Application completed, signed and notarized. Application must include correct address and complete parcel I.D. number.

□ Copy of applicable contractor’s license issued by the State of Florida (if contractor is applicant).

□ An site specific notarized power of attorney shall be required from the licensed contractor if he/she appoints an employee of his/her company to sign the permit application as the contractor.

□ Certificate of insurance indicating worker’s compensation insurance coverage and naming the City of Oviedo as certificate holder, or a copy of a worker’s compensation exemption issued by the State of Florida (must be submitted with each application if contractor is the applicant).

□ Completed and signed Owner Builder Statement / Affidavit (if owner is applicant).

□ Two (2) site plans indicating proposed location including proposed setbacks from property lines.

□ Two (2) copies of manufacturer's information indicating the fire propagation performance criteria of NFPA 701 and the manufacturer's test protocol. (Canvas cover only)

□ Two (2) copies of engineering with wind design data on drawings per FBC 1603.1.4 to meet 129 mph ultimate design wind speed for risk category I buildings OR Two (2) copies of previously mastered filed plans. Indicate all details and options that apply. (Anchoring of structure to ground).

These requirements are for structures intended to be installed for more than 180 days.

These guidelines were compiled to assist the applicant in preparing an aluminum structure permit application and may not be complete. The applicant is required to meet all City of Oviedo, state, and federal code requirements.

January 2021