Calculate Your Fire Assessment Fee

This page is intended to show residents how to confirm their estimated fire assessment fee. 

To learn more about the fire assessment district, click the banner below.

Fire District banner

Find your total square footage to determine your EBU.

The Fire Assessment is determined using a statistical analysis of all developed single-family residential parcels to allocate recovered costs from Residential, General Service and Multi-Family property classes. Each parcel is assigned an Equivalent Benefit Unit (EBU) based on the average-sized dwelling unit in the City of Oviedo of 2,125 square feet, capped at 50 EBU's.

Keep in mind that the EBU is determined by total square footage, not living square footage, or the square footage commonly found in real estate listings. 

To find your total square footage, open a new browser tab and surf to the Seminole County Property Appraiser's Website  ( Then, type your address in the field indicated below.

Property Appriser Front Page

Then click the Building Information Tab. That will show you your total square footage. 

Building Information

After we have the building square footage, then we calculate the EBU. As previously stated, one (1) EBU is equal to 2125 square feet. The property pictured above has 3,588 square feet. So we divide that by 2,125 to arrive at the conclusion that the subject property is 1.68 EBU(s). 

We then multiply the 1.68 by the fire assessment rate per EBU for 2022/23 of 212.21 to come up with the subject property's assessed rate of $356.51.


(Total SF/2125) x 212.21 for the first years assessment.