Why are we flushing?

In some areas of Oviedo, water moves very slowly through the distribution pipes. Slow movement may cause sediment to build up over time, resulting in a film to accumulate along the pipe walls. Flushing lines cause the water to move very quickly, cleaning the pipes, and assuring consistently good water quality.

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1. Why does the City of Oviedo treat my drinking water?
2. How does the City of Oviedo treat my drinking water?
3. Why are we flushing?
4. Isn't flushing a waste of water?
5. Why are you changing the water disinfectant from Chloramines to Free Chlorine?
6. Is there anything I will notice during the conversion?
7. How long will it last?
8. Is this the first time you have temporarily switched the disinfectant?
9. Do other water systems make this temporary disinfectant switch?
10. How will this temporary switch affect kidney dialysis procedures?
11. I have a fish tank. How will it affect my fish?
12. Who can I contact with additional questions or concerns?