How can I manage other bear attractants at my home?

About 50% of the bears in our area will go to-and-from the forest to urban areas to seek food. Once the main food attractant is secured (trash), bears will seek out other food options. It is important residents secure all attractants, not just garbage. These include: Pet food; Fruit bearing trees; Food left on patio; Dirty grills; and Bird Feeders.

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1. What is an Urban Bear Management Area?
2. What does this Ordinance require?
3. Do I have to purchase a bear resistant trash container in order to comply with the Ordinance?
4. If I currently use a bear resistant trash container, do I have to comply with the set hours for trash pick-up?
5. My trash is picked up early in the morning. Can I put my trash out for hauler pick-up by my hauler the night before?
6. How can I purchase a bear resistant container that is approved by my hauler?
7. How can I manage other bear attractants at my home?
8. Who do I do if I have an a bear in my area?
9. What will Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission do when I contact them about a bear conflict in my area?
10. How can I learn more about bear management in Florida?
11. How do I know if my trash can is considered secure?
12. Are recycling containers required to be secured as well?