Can you pencil me in for a rental?

Courtesy holds may be accepted and held for a maximum of five (5) days, at which time the hold will expire without notice. Courtesy holds may be made in person or by telephone. Courtesy holds will expire on the fifth (5th) day of the hold. No courtesy holds will be accepted on the first business day of the month when booking twelve (12) months in advance. Courtesy holds are not offered on dates that have re-opened because of cancellation.

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1. How far in advance can I book a rental?
2. What is the process for reserving a rental space?
3. Can you pencil me in for a rental?
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5. How late can I stay?
6. What if we're having a great time and stay later than our rental period?
7. Will I receive a refund if we leave early?
8. Can I choose my own vendors?
9. Can I have items delivered, such as from my caterer, florist, DJ, etc...?
10. Can I come anytime to view the building, to meet my caterer, florist, etc...?
11. How may I decorate?
12. What is the alcohol beverage policy?
13. Can I host religious services?
14. Is there a smoking policy?
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