How can I make sure my application is reviewed?

Answer all questions on the application, giving complete answers to all questions. It is important that you include your salary history as well as the month and date in your employment history. Failure to do so may cause disqualification of your application. Please provide information on all positions held for the last fifteen (15) years (where applicable). The City of Oviedo reserves the right to conduct a background search at any time to verify all answers on the application; falsification of any item is cause for disqualification of application and/or termination. If you wish to submit a resume with your application, please list all information in the “Employment Experience” section of the application. Under the “Work Performed” section, you may insert the words “see resume.” Finally, it is your responsibility to clearly indicate on the application or resume if you possess any of the special requirements listed in the job announcement and to present copies of special certificates of licenses at the time of application.

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7. How can I make sure my application is reviewed?
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