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Bark Park

Admission Fee

$5 annual membership. Recreation staff will be onsite to verify and update or provide new memberships.


  1. Adjustable Dog Jumping Station
  2. Benches and Picnic Tables
  3. Culvert Hill and Tunnel
  4. Dog Agility Tires and Tunnel
  5. Dog Friendly Water Fountain
  6. Doggie Tiki Hut
  7. Fire Hydrants
  8. Pet Waste Stations
  9. Red Barn Dog House
  • All visitors entering the Bark Park must abide by CDC Social Distancing Guidelines at all times.
  • Park Capacity - No more than 11 persons maximum, to include Recreation Staff. 
  • 1 person, per dog will be allowed to enter the Bark Park.
  • All Patrons must wear a face covering at all times when in facility.  
  • All visitors must check in with Recreation Staff.
  • No toys, balls, or equipment will be provided or allowed within Bark Park.   
  • Members are welcomed to bring water for their dog(s). There will be no sharing of water or water dishes between dog owners.  
  • Restrooms will be available at concessions building.  
  • In order to service the many dog owners in the community, each patron will be held to a 30-minute session.  
  • Subject to change without notice.