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City Clerk

  1. City of Oviedo - Citizen Board/Committee Interest Form

    Any resident of the City of Oviedo who desires to serve on one of the City’s Boards or Committees must complete this interest form or... More…

Police Department Forms

  1. Citizen's Complaint Form
  2. House Watch Form

    House Watch is for residents within the Oviedo City Limits.

  3. Oviedo Police Department Customer Survey

    Thank you for taking a moment to provide feedback on your experience with the Oviedo Police Department. This form can be mailed,... More…

  4. Police Ride-Along Request
  5. Request a Police Department Tour
  1. Community Event Activity Request Form
  2. Oviedo PD Personal Reference Survey
  3. Oviedo Police Summer Camp Interest Form
  4. Recruitment Inquiry

Public Information

  1. Community Calendar Submission Form

    To submit an event in the City of Oviedo, please fill out the form below. Be sure to include all the information requested. Please... More…