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1. How do I report a water leak or line break?
2. How do I turn off my water in an emergency?
3. How do I establish new or terminate existing water service with the City of Oviedo?
4. Who would I contact if I feel that my water bill is too high?
5. Who would I contact regarding low water pressure or water quality concerns?
6. What is a sewer lift station, and what should I do if the red light is flashing or the siren is going off?
7. Who do I contact if a manhole is overflowing?
8. How do I find out if reclaimed water is available in my neighborhood?
9. I currently irrigate my lawn with potable water. What do I need to do to switch my irrigation to reclaimed water if it is available in my neighborhood?
10. What is a backflow preventer?
11. Why does my backflow preventer have to be tested every year?
12. Where can I get more information about Cross Connection Control?
13. I have just emptied my pool and need to refill it. Does the City offer any waivers for fees related to refilling my pool?