Recreation & Parks


400 Alexandria Blvd.
Oviedo, FL 32765


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Field Closures, Weather     407-971-5586  
Belden, Paul Recreation and Parks Director 407-971-5566  
Bernier, Maureen Senior Administrative Assistant 407-971-5561  
Conigliaro, Joseph Athletic Program Coordinator 407-971-5583  
Crothers, Rebecca Recreation Program Coordinator 407-971-5595  
Fitzgerald, Sean Recreation Operations Manager 407-971-5563  
Goytia, Susan Recreation Events Program Coordinator 407-971-5585  
Lemay, Pat Administrative Assistant 407-971-5578  
Martini, Terri Recreation Events Superintendent 407-971-5588  
Mason, Trent Athletic Field Foreman    
McCarthy, Lucinda Administrative Assistant 407-971-5599  
Nichols, Tina Food Service Supervisor 407-971-5574  
Ortiz, Antonio Aquatics & Recreation Program Superintendent 407-971-5581  
Stanchina, Mark Parks Superintendent 407-971-5593  
Stephens, Emily Athletic Program Coordinator 407-971-5568  
Velasco, Rob Athletic Superintendent 407-971-5571  
Whittaker , Jack Assistant Director Recreation and Parks 407-971-5576