Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning is a systematic process for drawing a vision of a community’s future. In short, strategic planning helps communities control and prepare for the future. In 2011 your City Council, along with senior management staff, gathered to update, refine, and re-prioritize goals and strategies.

Working Together for the Plan

The City was assisted in its efforts by professional facilitators with extensive experience in strategic planning for communities throughout Florida. Over several months prior to the strategic planning sessions, the facilitators did some extensive background work that served as the foundation for building Oviedo’s vision and strategic plan. This included interviews with the Council members and city staff and extensive research into the forces and trends bearing down on the city. By the end of the work sessions, Council and senior staff established 7 Strategic focus areas (known as SFAs) and 22 goals. Of the 22 goals, all are considered very important to keep the City of Oviedo the best place to live, work and play!

To view the City of Oviedo's Strategic Plan, please contact the City Clerk at 407-971-5500 or via email at