Reporting Streetlight Outages

The City of Oviedo does not maintain street lights or electricity service within the City. Depending on the location of the street light within the City limits, there are two different companies that handle street lights (and consequently all power related utilities).

Although there are some variations to this rule, a basic way to determine which company most likely services your area is as follows:

Florida Power & Light

If you are EAST of the C.R. 419 Econlockhatchee River Bridge (The Sanctuary, Riverside, Partin Elementary, Lawton Chiles Middle School, Live Oak Reserve...), contact Florida Power and Light at 800-226-3545 or request Florida Power and Light Street Light Repair.

Duke Energy

If you are WEST of the C.R.419 Econlockhatchee River Bridge (the majority of the City of Oviedo with the exception of the above locations), contact Duke Energy at 407-629-1010 or request Duke Energy Street Light Repair.

Unsure of Who to Call

If you are unsure on which company to call, either company can direct you to the appropriate authority if they are not responsible for the street light. If all else fails, feel free to call the City of Oviedo Public Works Department at 407-971-5668 for assistance.

For either company, please have the exact location of the light pole available. A house address is acceptable, as well as the number on the pole (if available).