New to Oviedo?

When you move to the City of Oviedo you will need to establish some basic utility services in order to make your new house or apartment feel more like home. Below are a list of services and service providers you will need to contact in order to establish water service, hook up your power, turn on your phone, and establish paid television service. The City in no way endorses any of these businesses.The listings are only supplied for you to make an informed decision.

New Water Utility Service with the City of Oviedo

You can establish your new utility account during our normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern standard time, Monday through Friday. A completed and signed application and deposits will be required prior to an account being established. You can come in person to our office, or have the form faxed or emailed to you by contacting customer care. The completed and signed application would then be returned to us. Your deposits can be paid in person by cash, check, or charge. Payment can also be made by Visa or MasterCard over the phone. Please note we require 24 hour notice and do not connect water services on Saturday or Sunday.


Garbage services are provided by Republic Services. Regular garbage, recycling, and yard waste pickup are provided. Garbage day pick-up schedules are available by calling 407-971-5535. Special garbage pick-up requests can be made directly to Republic Services at 407-293-8000. If you have a complaint regarding garbage pick-up, please call Republic Services directly at 407-293-8000.

Recycle Bins

A recycle cart is provided upon opening your utility account, and Republic Services will deliver the cart directly to your home.

Hooking up Your Power

There are two power companies that service the Oviedo area:

Natural Gas

Turning on Telephone Service

Cable / Satellite Providers


To find out where your child will be educated, visit the Seminole County Public Schools website. Oviedo is home to 4 public elementary schools (K-5); 2 public middle schools (6-8), and 1 public high school (9-12). Other public schools just outside City limits also serve Oviedo residents. Private schools are also available in the area.

Elementary Schools (Public)

  • Carillon Elementary (outside City limits)
  • Douglas Stenstrom Elementary
  • Evans Elementary
  • Lawton Elementary
  • Marguerite Partin Elementary
  • Walker Elementary (outside City limits)

Middle Schools (Public)

  • Jackson Heights Middle School
  • Lawton Chiles Middle School

High Schools (Public)

  • Hagerty High School (outside City limits)
  • Oviedo High School